For those who do not want to go to the gym every day, we have brought together easy daily exercises as! You can have a fit body and be happier thanks to practical exercises that you can easily do at home in the office and take only 2 minutes. The 2-minute exercises we have put together for you also increase the level of endorphins in the body and make you happy. Thanks to these 2-minute exercises for those who want to be more energetic, happy and fit during the day, you can make it a habit to exercise regularly! How to do easy exercise at home? What are the exercises that increase happiness? Here is the secret to easy exercise!

We all want to have a fit body, eat a lot and look thin. Even if you say I eat, I eat, I don’t gain weight anyway, it may be much better for you if you make a habit of exercising now in order not to swallow these sentences that will explode in your hand when your metabolism starts to slow down due to age. Well, let’s take a look at what easy 2-minute exercises are…

Exercises that increase endorphin levels

1-) Jumping jack;You can open and close your hands and feet at the same time with the jumping jack movement, which you can continue for about 20-30 seconds.

2) Squat;You can do the squat movement, which is very effective in working the buttocks and leg areas, for 30 seconds daily.

3) Shuttle;To strengthen your arms and shoulders, you can do up to 30 seconds of crunches a day.

4) Half shuttle;You can have a fit look by doing half sit-ups for 30-35 seconds to strengthen and tighten your abdominal muscles.

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