Back pain is one of the most common complaints. One of the most common causes of back pain is a lack of exercise and incorrect sitting positions. Sitting for a long time especially damages our back as the muscles are not stimulated and the intervertebral discs are not stretched. To counteract this, doctors advise patients with back pain to integrate more movement into their daily life and play sports. However, not every sport is suitable for people struggling with back problems, so be sure to seek help from an expert.

1. Swimming

While swimming, the back muscles are properly mobilized. Swimming also increases your endurance and strengthens your cardiovascular system. Especially crawling swimming is ideal for back problems. But here the right technique is required. Incorrect movements can exacerbate your back pain and trigger tension. Tip: Have an experienced swimmer show you the various moves or join an adult swimming class.

2. Yoga

Yoga directly promises several benefits for your back health. This type of relaxing variety of exercises activates and strengthens the back muscles and stretches tense areas. In the long run, yoga can keep your back flexible, which is ideal for preventing pain. Beginners to yoga should start slowly and gradually increase the intensity, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

3. Ramp walking

Walking with a cane, which is gentler than jogging, is another ideal sport for effective prevention against back pain. Since the active use of the arms while walking is required, tension and back pain in the upper region can be relieved. Especially for beginners or those who are overweight, steep walks offer a gentle introduction to a more active lifestyle.

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