Fruits are a source of antioxidants and vitamins. Doctors recommend that we consume fruit every day. But do you know what happens when fruits that have many beneficial effects such as healthy blood pressure are consumed too much?

Fruity people beware!

Our elders did not say for nothing, “Excess of everything is harmful.” saying. In addition to the countless beneficial effects of the fruit, of course, it also has harmful effects when consumed too much. The factor to be considered here is size. Consuming fruit in moderation is not a problem, even very healthy. But most people only eat fruit in their diet program. Why is this a pretty bad habit? When you eat fruit, your body is filled with minerals and vitamins, but if you only eat fruit, your body will be deprived of fat, protein and other nutrients.

Does eating fruit make you gain weight?

Fruits contain fructose, and the more fruit you eat, the more fructose you increase in your body. For example; There is a lot of fructose in cherries, pears and bananas. Too much fructose causes overweight and diabetes. In short, even these healthy foods should be consumed in moderation.

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