Crow’s feet botox application requirements for removing wrinkles around the eyes; Wrinkles around the eyes begin to form with repetitive mimic movements and over time. The botox method applied to this area is also called “Crow’s feet botox”. The purpose of the procedure is to remove the wrinkles formed around the eyes and achieve a smooth structure. Botox treatment is a method used in wrinkle removal and in the treatment of some diseases. There are certain points of wrinkles on the skin.

How is crow’s feet botox applied?

Your doctor will ask you to tense this area, that is, to smile and squint your eyes. In this way, lines and wrinkles in those areas appear. Crow’s feet marks the points to be made and makes injections after 2-3 minutes of ice application or 20-30 minutes of numbing cream application. There may be a blistering that lasts 5-10 minutes. It is recommended not to apply pressure on this area for a week. You will not feel the very short process. There will be no feeling of pain.

Things to consider after crow’s feet botox

Crow’s feet filler is a procedure performed under topical anesthesia. In other words, creams with a numbing effect are applied and applied, and the process takes a very short time. On the day of the application, it is recommended that the patient does not lean forward too much, do not lie on his face, do not touch the procedure area with water, and do not consume alcohol. It is also important not to come to a lying position within two or three hours following the procedure, even on the back. For a long time, it is recommended that patients do not enter environments such as baths, saunas, and solariums at very frequent intervals after the procedure, especially since botox is denatured in hot environments, that is, the effect time of botox may be shortened.

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