The most preferred aesthetic operation

Breast augmentation operations are one of the first applications that come to mind when it comes to aesthetic surgery. This procedure is performed by placing an implant, or prosthesis, under the breast tissue. Breast surgeries can sometimes be demanded for aesthetic concerns, sometimes for sagging after breastfeeding, sometimes for volume loss after sudden weight loss, and sometimes due to different health problems or deformities. The doctor and the patient should decide together the enlargement ratio that will give the most accurate result according to the physical characteristics and wishes of the person.

Choosing the right implant is important

During the surgery, the prosthesis is placed through the opened incision. The operation takes about 1.5 -2 hours. Under normal conditions, no complications are expected, but choosing the right implant is of great importance in order to reduce the possibility of complications and to lead a comfortable life after the operation. If the prosthesis required for the large volume is heavy, spinal health problems may occur in the future.

Same size as 30% lighter prosthesis

Neck, lumbar hernia or shoulder and back pain are some of the problems that may occur after choosing the wrong breast implant. For this, it is absolutely necessary to consider the lightness of the implant when choosing. The B-Lite lightweight breast prosthesis developed for this purpose not only provides more natural results but also offers fewer complications. B-Lite implant, which is up to 30% lighter than a silicone prosthesis of the same volume, provides an advantage in terms of protecting the health of the spine. This lightness positively affects the post-operative life comfort of the patients.

Contributes to the comfort of daily life

Up to 30% lightness reduces the feeling of silicone presence in the breast during daily activities and especially during sports. The fact that the prosthesis is soft and has the consistency of real tissue reduces the possibility of feeling the silicone when touched. Another advantage of the light weight of the B-lite prosthesis is that it minimizes the risk of enlargement of the surgical scars due to the weight of the silicone in patients undergoing breast lift and augmentation. This lightness also reduces the risk of sagging of the breast in the future.

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