Contact lenses have gone through many developments to date, and users have been offered soft silicone hydrogel lenses with maximum oxygen and liquid permeability. It is believed that more than 150 million people worldwide use contact lenses today. This number is increasing day by day.

‘Failure to follow the rules of use will result in eye loss’

Although the tolerance of the new generation of contact lenses is better than that of the old generations, failure to follow the rules of use can lead to serious side effects that can even lead to loss of eyesight. The most common mistake users make is to keep track of the lenses throughout the month, considering monthly or 15-day lenses are not taken out for long. You should never sleep with contact lenses on at night unless your doctor recommends it. Sleeping with contact lenses is found to increase the risk of eye infection by up to 8 times.

Wearing monthly lenses for more than a month is another common, seemingly innocent, but extremely harmful practice. If contact lenses are used longer than the recommended time, invisible abrasions and tears develop at the edges, and any movement of the lens causes damage to the surface of the eye, leading to discomfort such as stinging/burning and the risk of infection.

“Don’t go in the water with contact lenses”

Going into the water with contact lenses is also a very common mistake. Microbes in water can cause serious eye infections in the presence of contact lenses. For this reason, contact lenses must also be removed before showering. Contact lenses with water are undesirable, so wearers of monthly lenses should definitely use a lens solution, not water or other liquids, to preserve and clean their lenses. The solution in the lens case should be changed frequently, the remaining solution in the case should be completely drained, and the old solution should not be added. The contact lens case should also be cleaned by rubbing with lens solution rather than water. Lens cases should be replaced every 3 months.

Inspection required every 6 months

If during the use of contact lenses discomfort such as redness, burning, stinging, pain, blurred vision occurs, the lens should be removed from the eye immediately and an eye examination should be performed as soon as possible. Since contact lenses cannot be used for allergies and eye infections, for example, it is important to have glasses on hand. It must never be forgotten that the improper use of spectacle lenses, which significantly increase the comfort of life when used as intended, can cause irreversible damage. Even if there are no symptoms, lens wearers should be examined by an ophthalmologist every 6 months.

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