What should you pay attention to when exercising during pregnancy? Is it harmful to do sports for this mother-to-be and the child in her womb? In fact, an active lifestyle and moderate exercise during pregnancy are very beneficial for the health of expectant mothers. Gone are the days when pregnant women were advised to remain completely physically calm. However, you should still pay attention to a few tips and rules for exercising during pregnancy.

1) Relieve pregnancy discomfort with sports

Physical activity during pregnancy can have very positive effects on the pregnancy process and sometimes even shorten the actual stage of labor. According to one study, in a Spanish study of 500 healthy pregnant women, labor stages were actually shorter in women who regularly exercised moderately during pregnancy. Participants in the sportive study group also used epidural anesthesia relatively less during the delivery process. Sports during pregnancy seem to have even more positive effects on typical pregnancy symptoms. The risk of preterm birth or cesarean section is reduced in pregnant women who do sports. Pregnant women who are physically active during pregnancy are also less likely to have high blood pressure, back pain, or pregnancy-related incontinence.

2) Allow moderate weight training during pregnancy

Medium-weight sports activities always take place in the so-called “aerobic zone”. During this type of exertion, the muscles get their energy from the oxygen you breathe. In anaerobic loads, the muscles need much more energy and draw additional power from the metabolic processes where fat is burned. But during pregnancy, the body needs all the nutrients and fat reserves it can get. That’s why sports involving high physical strength are a big taboo during pregnancy. However, moderate aerobic loads have the advantage that they can be performed several times a week for up to 60 minutes, even during pregnancy. You can do aerobic training with swimming, running and light endurance sports. How often and how long you exercise during pregnancy always depends on your overall fitness level and how your pregnancy is progressing. Listen to your body and only do what you feel you can do.

3) Exercise as much as you want during pregnancy

There is no general recommendation about the pregnancy cycle that pregnant women can exercise. Moderate exercise during a normal pregnancy is also not harmful or dangerous to the pregnant woman or babies. Researchers have now proven this in their work. Listen to your body and pay close attention to possible signs. Do you have stomachaches, cramps, or are you short of breath? Downshift or choose a softer sport. How physically resilient you are during pregnancy largely depends on how physically active you were before pregnancy.

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