Hair is not combed when wet

It may be easier to comb your hair when it is wet, but it is quite harmful for your hair. Wet hair is susceptible to irritation. That’s why you should start the combing process after you get the moisture of your hair, not like you get out of the shower.

Do not start combing from the root of your hair

One of the most common mistakes is to comb the hair starting from the root of the hair. When you start to comb the hair from the root, you push all the tangles towards the ends of the hair. This leads to the formation of small knots, and as you try to untangle your hair, you will cause them to break and fall out.

Use quality brushes

Using the right brush is as important as combing the hair correctly. Although plastic, cheap brushes provide economic benefits, they are harmful to the health of your hair. The rough structure of plastic brushes will break your hair. Wooden brushes are more gentle to your hair than plastic brushes. Therefore, it will be healthier to choose wooden brushes in your comb selections.

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