There are many diets that focus on eating a specific food, but the banana diet, which has been very popular in Japan in recent years, has come to the fore.

The banana diet became particularly popular in Japan when a famous opera singer, Kumiko Mori, announced that she had followed it and managed to lose weight with ease.

So what exactly does this diet consist of? What is the banana diet and how does it work?

What is the banana diet, how is it done?

Let’s start by saying that the banana diet is a trend diet and can help you lose weight, but it is not balanced enough and is not scientifically backed.

Wondering what it’s made of? This is a very simple diet and not strict at all, you don’t have to count calories or give up your favorite foods.

You just have to have breakfast by consuming 1 or more bananas (considering that you can eat this fruit indefinitely even during the day) and lukewarm water. Bananas should be raw, never cooked or frozen.

But for lunch and dinner you can eat whatever you prefer and try to limit the overconsumption of high-calorie foods, replacing them with fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Rice is particularly recommended for lunch, as this is a Japanese-born diet.

Only one ingredient is completely forbidden: sugar. Except, of course, for the sugar that occurs naturally in bananas and other fruits. If you really can’t give up sugar or sweets, you can occasionally have a sweet snack in the afternoon, but never after a certain time. Therefore, after-dinner dessert is strictly forbidden.

The diet also recommends avoiding dairy products and ice cream whenever possible.

Another important rule is to always eat early (before 8 p.m.) and drink nothing but water until the next morning, when, as already mentioned, the day starts with a banana and warm water.

Relaxation is also very important. Going to bed early (always before midnight) promotes not only proper rest, but also weight loss.

Finally, the meal plan recommends going for a walk every day.

Does the banana diet really make you slim?

The effectiveness of this diet is due to the fact that there is a period of rest for the stomach and colon (more precisely, the fasting period from 8 p.m. until the next morning). The diet’s official website states:

If they have enough time to rest, the body’s functions and physical conditions will improve, and if you keep it up, your body will gradually improve. As your physical condition improves, your body eliminates edema and begins to burn fat. First, try giving your stomach more time to rest.

In addition, bananas contain many essential nutrients, including potassium and B vitamins, but most importantly, the fiber they contain is beneficial for weight loss. All of these nutrients that bananas provide early in the morning ensure a lasting feeling of satiety, which also has a positive effect on reducing appetite and regulating calorie intake.

Additionally, the resistant starch that acts as fiber in bananas ferments in the colon, producing byproducts like short-chain fatty acids, which provide various health benefits and may increase fat burning.

Of course, if you don’t eat a healthy, balanced diet and don’t exercise the rest of the day, you shouldn’t expect miracles from this diet.

The banana diet will likely work because you will eat less. It also helps to stop eating when you are 80 percent full. Try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. People who sleep well tend to gain less weight. When you’re tired, you’re at a higher risk of overeating and consuming unhealthy foods.

If you can stick to the diet, you stand a better chance of losing weight and improving your health in the long run.

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