Do not keep electronic devices in your room

You should never keep technological devices such as telephones and computers in the room where you sleep. These devices both disrupt your sleep and pose a great danger to your health with the radiation vibrations they emit.

attention to colors

Did you know that most people with sleep problems have red color in their room? The color red emits an intense frequency wave, and these frequency waves make the person angry and deprived of sleep if exposed for a long time.

Do not use a nightlight

Contrary to what most know, using a night lamp does not bring sleep. The hormone melatonin secreted during sleep is activated when it is dark. For this reason, you should keep your room dark during sleep.

Audio book

You are very likely to fall asleep while listening to something. Audiobooks are a good way to do this. Stories distract you from your own thoughts, and by doing nothing but listening, your brain will gradually calm down and your muscles will relax, which will speed up your sleep process.

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