There are many terms that describe unpleasant foot odor. Especially in the hot summer months, sweaty feet become a big problem for many people. For example, if your feet are sweaty when you have to take off your shoes while visiting friends or acquaintances, they will smell and everyone including you will be disturbed by this situation, because your sweaty feet rapidly rising from your nose.It has a piercing, pungent odor.

5 tips to get rid of sweaty feet

The right shoes can significantly reduce foot odor anyway. But in any case, you cannot or do not want to wear open-toed shoes. With the following tips and tricks against foot odor, you can effectively prevent the feet from sweating even in closed shoes.

1. Use foot powder

Powder your feet: You can find special foot powders online and in pharmacies. Powdered remedies against sweaty feet absorb moisture, that is, sweat in a targeted way. Because they cannot convert sweat to butyric acid this waydeprives bacteria of their nutrients.

2. Take a foot bath

A foot bath in the morning or during the day will remove foot odor! At the very least, a foot bath can help reduce sweaty feet. Definitely dry your feet completely after bathing and even blow-dry if necessary.In this way, every space between your toes you can reach . Fragrant additives such as eucalyptus, lavender or sage also help combat sweaty feet. Just try it for one day and you will notice the change in your feet the next day!

3. Disinfect shoes regularly

Disinfectants applied to shoes make life difficult for bacteria.In your shoes must be once a week You should use a disinfectant spray available in the market, thanks to regular cleaning, both your feet will not smell and your shoes will have a long life.

4. Place the insoles on the shoes

Special insoles on shoes to absorb sweat might help . Many dermatologists recommend skin soles that are particularly thin and breathable. However: As time goes on, you should also replace an insole with a new one.

5. Wear the right socks

The choice of socks also affects how much your feet sweat. If possible, avoid socks with a high synthetic content and instead cotton socks get dressed . Because: synthetics do not absorb sweat and can therefore increase foot odor.

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