Change your sleeping habits

Sleep on your back! When you lie on your face and side, fluid collects under your eyes. Add an extra pillow so you can sleep on your back if you like. The amount of sleep you get is also valuable. If you make sure you get a full 8 hours of sleep, you’ll quickly notice the difference.

Apply tea bags

Forget expensive facials, the best cure is in your kitchen! Caffeinated teas contain antioxidants that increase blood flow. They can also protect against sunlight and signs of aging. For the best effect, choose green tea, which offers anti-inflammatory benefits. Leave for 5 minutes, cool for 20 minutes and apply for 20 minutes.

cold milk compress

This system can be as effective as an eye cream. This cold feeling under your eyes discontinuously constricts the blood vessels. It can also be made with water, but milk and milk products contain vitamin A, which keeps your skin bright and glowing. Apply twice a day under the eyes and leave on for 10 minutes.

coconut oil

It can be used as a gentle anti-inflammatory, cleansing and moisturizing agent. It can work wonders to lighten dark circles under your eyes. Many users say it helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its whitening and moisturizing properties. Apply sparingly, massage in gently and leave on overnight. Goodbye precious eye serums!

Thoroughly remove your makeup before going to bed

Sleeping with makeup is the worst thing for your skin. What’s worse, some people just don’t know how to find out! Never sleep with mascara and eyeliner on. Always use a toner or professional makeup remover. Wipe gently, do not rub aggressively.

use less salt

Sodium is often one of the main culprits for making our skin look puffy and dull. When our bodies don’t have enough H20 but get too much salt, we feel bloated and look so good. Since the skin under the eyes is particularly thin, it easily becomes dehydrated and appears swollen.

Use sunscreen

Although dermatologists warn against going out without sunscreen even in winter, many of us don’t take it into account. Start using a moisturizer with at least SPF30. When you have broad spectrum protection against both UVB and UVA rays, the area around your eyes will thank you.

Add a retinol cream to your skin routine

Retinol creams can solve dozens of skin problems, from acne and aging to psoriasis. It is a potent form of vitamin A and can be purchased in cream, liquid, or gel form. Retinol stimulates collagen production and can be used once a day after cleansing. You can start using retinol after consulting your dermatologist.

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