dramatic haircuts

Long, short, with bangs, bangs, layers, straight… There is no trendy haircut for everyone. Everyone has a specific haircut that suits their face and style. But this year, dramatic retro looks are quite ambitious. Take a journey through time. You choose in which period you want to go. – Photo by @lefevrediary, @sabinasocol

curl revolution

In fact, this trend isn’t about curls or permed hair, it’s about embracing natural curls. Instead of spending hours straightening your hair, now is the time to invest in methods and products that will define your natural waves and cool them down. – Photo by @fridacashflow, @emilisindlev


After Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner dyed their hair copper, this assertive shade of red has already defined the year. Copper is definitely the hair color of the year for those trying a new color and looking for a rich tone. – Photo by @alyssainthecity, @thatcurlytop

minimalist complexion

Radiant skin is the starting point of all your beauty routines. But this year, alongside radiant skin, minimalist makeup looks are in the spotlight. Minimal makeup, natural eyebrows and eyelashes, slightly moistened lips are the keys to a minimalist look. – Photo by @juliesfi, @sasha.mei

euphoria effect

The Euphoria series not only attracts attention with its scandals, but also with its beauty trends. Makeup looks inspired by the Y2K trend have already taken over social media. Neon eye pencils, glitter eyeshadows, sticky stones, lip gloss stand out from the trends of the season with the effect of euphoria. – Photo by @celmatique, @champagnemani

Natural blush look

Especially in spring and summer we prefer fresh, minimalistic and bright make-up looks. The trends of the season also include pink cheeks that are close to the skin color. – Photo by @mexicanbutjapanese, @anaasmood

Creative “French” manicure

French manicure is not going anywhere this season. Its timeless elegance transcends the seasons, but this year the French manicure is updated with explosions of color and stylish micro-designs. It is enriched with pastel shades of lilac, green, pink and blue. – Photo by @buffcs, @harrietwestmoreland

nail jewellery

Nail decorations are a festive classic, but festive or not, nail art is now part of our beauty routine. We will often see nail art examples decorated with colored stones and metals this year. – Photo by @betina_goldstein, @paragonnails

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