After a tiring day, we want a nice restful sleep, we go to bed early and think that we will wake up early. However, this may not be possible if we do not practice some rituals. Our long hours of sleep may not have been enough to relieve our tiredness. You’re also wrong if you think hours of sleep are more restful, it will only make you dizzy. Then the answer to the question of how can I wake up more vigorous is coming!

Although it is always said that it takes 8-9 hours for sleep to be effective, this is actually quite a long time. The shorter the sleep, the more vigorous you feel.

For Water

Drinking plenty of water before breakfast as soon as you wake up will make your body more energetic and wake up earlier. Also, drinking plenty of water before breakfast will speed up your metabolism.

Bed Selection

Choosing the right mattress is very important for a comfortable sleep. Beds that are very soft almost pull your body to the bottom in the morning and you never want to get out of bed, and you also wake up tired and sore. For this reason, I strongly recommend that you research thoroughly when choosing your mattress.

Room Layout

Room layout is very effective in waking up in the morning. I can say that there is no sleep where a room with a spacious design and daylight cannot be good. An organized and spacious room away from the crowd will reduce your stress and allow you to fall asleep earlier. A room with daylight may be enough for you to start the day earlier and energetically.

What You Eat Before Bed

Before going to bed, you should stay away from foods and drinks that will increase your energy and make you sleepy. For example, you should definitely not consume foods such as a sneaky chocolate or end-of-day coffee before going to bed. If you want a quality sleep pattern, you should also change your eating habits.

Go To The Toilet Before Sleeping

Before going to sleep, put yourself to sleep and do activities such as reading a book or watching TV. For an uninterrupted comfortable sleep, it is necessary to go to the toilet before sleep.

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