Especially in the transition period from the summer season, it is important to take the right steps to keep our skin, dryness and blemishes looking healthy. In this context, a recipe that prepares your skin for winter in 5 steps, to restore the skin’s moisture lost due to the cold and to prevent skin problems that can occur during winter.

1. Use these products to fight blemishes

It is necessary to approach the winter months with special care in order to recover dry skin, worn out and polluted by the action of the sun’s rays. The first step in renewing the skin against the cold is exfoliation. Medical beautician Dr. Ayşegül Girgin explains that at the beginning of the winter season, peeling treatments should be used to eliminate and renew the color and tissue irregularities on the skin. In order to have a healthy appearance, the skin must be cleaned of dead cells. Products containing glycolic acid, vitamin C, hydroquinone, and retinoic acid should be used under medical supervision to combat skin blemishes. Exfoliants not only cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells, but also stimulate your skin to renew itself while helping to strengthen the skin barrier by speeding up blood flow. However, sunscreen creams should be applied after the peeling.

2. Prefer light foam skin cleansers

It is very important to protect skin that is stressed in summer from the winter cold and to protect the skin against the irritations that appear with the right care. While the winter season dries out the skin, it also causes dandruff to form. If you’re feeling tight and dry in cold weather, your skin cleansing and moisturizing routine needs a change. Instead of detergents containing soap and alcohol, it is necessary to give preference to light products in the form of foam. To revitalize the skin, treatments such as Mesolifting, Youth Vaccine or Collagen Vaccine have the property of renewing and restructuring the skin thanks to the intense substances they contain. With methods that take only a few minutes, it is possible to restore the skin’s moisture and elasticity and create a lifting effect on the skin. These applications can be applied in different blends suitable for all ages. Additionally, taking a drinkable collagen supplement will help protect you from the grueling effects of winter.

3. Repair damaged hair with hair mesotherapy

In the summer, exposure to the sun, salt water and chlorine takes a toll on hair and loses its shine. In addition, the increasing environmental pollution in winter has a negative impact on our hair. Stem cell therapy, hair mesotherapy and PRP support are preferably used for worn hair that has lost its vitality. Stem cell therapy is used to regenerate and make problem areas of the scalp healthier by creating a special cell suspension from healthy and strong hair follicles. The effect of the treatment begins in the 1st month and visible results are obtained between 3 and 6 months. PRP, which is used to treat hair loss as well as skin rejuvenation, shows its effect by stopping hair loss in worn and falling hair, thickening hair strands, increasing quality and increasing elongation quickly.

4. Boost your immune system while rejuvenating

With the start of winter season, we need to protect our body from various diseases to stay healthy. Glutathione, which helps strengthen the immune system, is one of the most effective antioxidants. Glutathione therapy, used together with vitamin C, protects the body from many diseases and prepares our body for harsh winter conditions. Glutathione given intravenously is good for many diseases but is also used to improve skin quality and treat blemishes and acne.

5. Apply laser treatment in winter

The effects of the sun’s rays in summer stress the skin and accelerate the formation of spots and wrinkles. Because of this, you will have to wait for the winter season to perform laser treatments on the skin. With many laser treatments it is possible to control the effects of the summer season with the cold weather. Laser skin rejuvenation treatments used in skin rejuvenation allow sagging and wrinkles to be removed. The combined application of intensified light waves and radio frequency waves (CCL) also enables the production of new youthful collagen in the skin. This method, applied painlessly, provides revitalization, regeneration, reduction of wrinkles and tightening of the skin without the need for anesthesia.

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