5 important reasons for breast enlargement

With the onset of puberty, the female body goes through a series of changes. The most striking of these is the development of the female breast. Initially, small thickenings of tissue known as breast buds develop under the nipples, which eventually develop into mature breasts. This breast growth is completed at about 17 to 18 years of age. However, this does not mean that the breasts cannot be changed later.

Fuller breasts after gaining weight


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The female breast is mainly composed of adipose tissue. As a rule, weight gain also causes your breasts to increase in size. This also works the other way around. As you lose weight, your cup size gets smaller.

Increased breast size due to pregnancy

increased breast size due to pregnancy

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Breast size also becomes fuller during pregnancy. As the breast prepares to feed the baby, it creates milk-producing cells called lactocytes. Some women immediately notice that their breasts have changed. Other pregnant women don’t notice any difference until just before and after giving birth.

Big breasts due to hormonal changes

big breasts due to hormonal changes

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Hormonal contraceptives such as the birth control pill or spiral are also extremely effective on the female breast. The estrogen hormone it contains causes water retention, which causes the breasts to swell.

Bigger breasts with age

bigger breasts with age

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In fact, age can also be a factor that causes our breasts to grow. For many women, menopause causes breasts to enlarge. Due to the change of tissue, more fat is stored, which causes the breast to become larger and softer. Estrogen deficiency during this time can also cause water retention which contributes to breast enlargement.

Exercising makes breasts firmer

exercising makes breasts firmer

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If you’re doing more sports and have discovered weight training for yourself, it may also have an effect on your breast size. Targeted training of the pectoral muscles lifts the breasts and makes them appear fuller and fuller.

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