Wouldn’t you like your wavy hairstyle to be more permanent, especially in summer, which will harmonize perfectly with your dresses? As a result of long efforts, the distinctive curls we made with the tongs fall apart after a while and there is no trace of the curls, we now put an end to these deteriorations caused by humidity, especially in hot weather. Your hair can now stay in curls for a long time.

After curling, we do our best to keep the curls intact, but usually we are not very successful. So what should we do to make the tongs more permanent? We have researched and listed for you.

What should be done to make the tongs more permanent?

Don’t Touch Your Hair

Usually, after we do our hair, our hands go to our hair all the time and in a way, we make it deteriorate. Constantly playing with our hair will cause our hair to deteriorate, at the same time, your hair that you constantly touch will quickly become greasy and tend to deteriorate quickly in oiled hair.

Get Thin Handles

When you get very thick tufts from your hair, the heat will not affect the whole hair and therefore it will cause your hair to deteriorate immediately. When you get thinner tufts, the heat will touch all your hair strands and thus you will be able to get more permanent curls.

Fix Your Hair With Spray

Even if you take thin handles and make tight curls, even if you do not touch your hair at all, at the end of the day, the curls of your hair will still be slightly damaged. To prevent this situation, you should use hair spray. After styling your hair, spray a fixing and volumizing spray especially on the front parts of your hair and shape it with your palms and distribute it towards the bottoms. In this way, it will be more voluminous and your tongs will be more permanent.

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