When our connective tissue is overstretched, the elastic fibers in the subcutaneous tissue can tear. These tears are then appear as white or purple lines called cracks. We are often taught that this is a flaw that we absolutely must address with creams, massages, and even medical treatments. But actually why? On the one hand, there is no natural way to truly remove skin changes, aside from laser treatments and the like, and on the other hand, there are some compelling reasons to love your stretch marks.

3 reasons to love your stretch marks

1. Stretch marks show what your body is capable of

Stretch marks form when our bodies undergo major changes – whether due to episodes of overgrowth during puberty, pregnancy, or excessive weight gain or loss. how we look andthe story of our life It means he told me that’s a good idea isn’t it? Rather than being annoyed by supposed imperfections like stretch marks, we should appreciate how versatile our bodies are and what they can do. It is estimated that 90 percent of all pregnant women get stretch marks. For this reason, they are also called stretch marks. After birth, the lines remain and forever remind us of this special time.

2. Emphasizes self-love

‘Love yourself’ ending It’s a term that’s become increasingly important over the years, and with good reason. After all, every body is different, and the sooner we accept to appear as we are, the happier and more satisfied we will be with life. So that’s a good reason to accept your cracks as part of yourself instead of always changing things about yourself. Ultimately, self-love gives you inner strength and better self-confidence, which means that people who accept their bodies as they are and don’t depend on other people’s opinions tend to be strong.

3. Your cracks make you perfectly imperfect

Do you know the term “perfectly imperfect”? Because it wonderfully describes what so-called imperfections like stretch marks, birthmarks do to our body, it gives it a recognition value and helps make it something very special. That’s why you can look at your stretch marks in the mirror and ask, “Why do I have stretch marks?” instead of thinking. – A special accessory adorning the legs, hips or stomach prefer to think of it as

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