If you want to do something good for our body and define your abs, legs and buttocks, we present the 3 most effective muscle exercises to get you in shape as quickly as possible.

1- Shuttle

It’s a classic in abs training. We’re talking about shuttles that are as popular as they are effective. During exercise, the flat abdominal muscles are particularly stretched. But it is trained on oblique and deeper muscles. Lie on your back and spread your legs shoulder-width apart. So it bends at an angle of about 90 degrees. Then bring your hands together behind your head and slowly raise your upper body while tightening your abs. Stand up like this and let it come down again in a controlled manner. Another advantage of doing sit-ups is that if the exercise is done correctly it can even compensate for the poor posture and overstrain that many people experience as a result of inactivity.


This exercise offers us optimal training for the legs and buttocks. Knee twist, also known as squat. And you don’t even need any equipment to do it. When we squat, not only do our hamstrings and glutes work, but also our calves, back, and abs. You only need to do three to four sets of 15 repetitions of squats two to three times a week to see results quickly. Remember that you also need to pay attention to your diet. Exercise alone will not do any good.

3- Burpee

One of the best exercises for the whole body, the burpee is as effective as feared. The tough workout combines cardio training with thigh, abdominal and arm training and is therefore ideal for getting us in shape fast. Stand shoulder-width apart and then do a deep squat. Then place your hands on the floor and jump your feet back until you’re in a push-up position. Then lower your body into push-up position. Then lift back up in a controlled manner and move from the support position to the squat position. Raise your arms up and do a straight jump as high as possible. Then immediately begin the next burpee.

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