Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but choosing the right physical activity is essential.

Walking or brisk walking is often underestimated, but it’s an excellent activity for those who want to lose weight, have joint problems, don’t have time to go to the gym, or just want to improve their overall health.

Another great advantage is that the hike is really easy and doesn’t take much time.

Morning walks help activate the metabolism and start the day with energy, while evening walks help to relieve the stress accumulated during the day and help you recover better.

No special skills are required, the important thing is to set the breathing rhythm correctly. When you synchronize your breathing with walking, you can walk longer and tire less. Therefore, try to take three steps on each inhalation and three steps on the exhalation. It will help you move at a steady pace and clear your mind.

10 ways to burn more calories while walking

Regular and brisk walking is a very good way to lose weight. It also prevents high cholesterol and blood pressure and improves overall health.

Here are 10 ways to increase calorie burn while walking:

1. Walk for at least 30 minutes

In order to burn fat, you need to increase your body temperature, and this happens after half an hour of continuous activity. After half an hour of continuous activity, fat-fed cells come into play and fat burning continues for up to several hours post-workout.

2. Follow the movements with your arms

Walking activates the whole body. Studies show that arm movements that accompany steps increase calorie burn by 20 percent. Keep your elbows bent 90 degrees so you can take longer strides.

3. Check the speed

Long walks at a steady pace of about 5 kilometers per hour will help you burn the fat stored in your body. Stored fat is usually located in the abdomen and hips. It is important to always follow the same rhythm. Studies show that walking at a steady pace is more beneficial.

4. Choose a dirt road

If you have to deal with minor bumps in the ground, such as stones, wet and slippery grass or dirt, you will have to put in more effort to manage the walk. This increases calorie consumption by at least 15 percent compared to asphalt.

Walking on grass and dirt can also improve your mobility. In addition, hiking in nature allows you to stay away from air and noise pollution and relieve your stress. A walk in the forest is an effective stress reliever.

5. Wear the right shoes

Don’t settle for regular sneakers for your walking. Get a pair of walking shoes. Hiking shoes have a rounded heel so that the heel has better contact with the sole and can push off better. Also note the sole, hiking shoes have a jagged texture with lines that taper as they near the toes. This is to support the movement of the foot with each step. First you need to touch the ground with your heel, then your sole, and finally your finger.

6. Do warm-up exercises

Just five minutes of warm-up exercise increases total calorie expenditure on a half-hour walk by 10 percent. Doing some warm-up exercises for your hips, lungs, abs, and arms after the walk will also help you build muscle mass, which burns more calories than fat even at rest.

7. Set goals

Create an exercise program and try to follow it. Creating an exercise routine will help you achieve your goals and allow you to plan your day accordingly.

8. Use sticks

Grab some sticks and try jungle trekking. This allows you to use 46 percent more energy and burn 450 calories in an hour. With this method, the muscles work harder and the heart rate increases compared to a normal walk.

9. Go barefoot

Stand barefoot on a lawn or beach. Forcing you to wear shoes all day reduces the performance of your feet. When you are barefoot, the body has to adapt to different than normal situations. This leads to higher calorie consumption.

Going barefoot every once in a while helps all of the foot muscles work as you walk.

10. Get moving, even when you’re in the office

Research shows that getting out of your chair every hour and walking for at least 2 minutes helps with weight loss. In addition, the body gets used to movement. So you burn more calories when you go for a walk later.

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